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The town of Park City is located in the state of Utah. This particular small town was transformed into a ski resort soon after World War I and the Great Depression. Now the town of Park City warmly welcomes millions of tourists and vacationers not only from all over the United States of America but also from all over the world. It is a known fact that this particular town is ranked amongst the wealthiest cities in the state of Utah, providing more then one third of the income generated by the state. The town of Park City has a lot in store for everyone visiting this part of the region.

The town of Park City has a rich cultural heritage. The Main Market area in the town showcases a lot of the town’s historical background and cultural heritage. If you are into art and culture, the town will surely surprise you with what it has to offer. There are many art galleries present all over town showcasing some of the best local talents present in the town of Park City. There are a number of theaters in the Main Street area hosting a number of shows for example several musicals and other shows.

There are several art galleries all over town, for example the Artworks Gallery, the Dancing Hands Gallery, the Mangelsen Images of Nature Gallery and several others. Many of such galleries feature unique paintings and exquisite sculptures made by renowned and well-known artists. The famous Phoenix Gallery is known to have the largest collection art galleries, providing visitors the opportunity to witness unique paintings and contemporary art. Many of these Park City art galleries are open throughout the year except for the holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving Day.

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