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Park City used to be a small mining town in the state of Utah. In the beginning, the town was flourishing and even after a few setbacks (for example the fire of 1898 which ended up destroying many homes and businesses) a lot of people kept coming to this particular town with the hopes of better future prospects. Many of the buildings that you now get to see on Main Street in Park City date back from that time.

Nowadays, Main Street is home to one of the finest restaurants in the state of Utah. There are also many fine dining destinations, offering a variety of services from casual meals, such as burgers, to elegant food. The Main Street Park City restaurants are known for their quality of service. You will certainly enjoy the nightlife here. There are many pubs and clubs present in this part of the town. Apart from that, Main Street showcases the rich cultural background of the town of Park City. If you are into art and culture, then you will surely be amazed by what this place has to offer. From theater to dance, art galleries and music festivals, we’ve got it all covered. On top of that, the premier independent film festival of our time, known as the Sundance Film Festival is also held here every year, and people not only from all over the country but from all over the world come here to be a part of this particular star-filled event.

Just minutes away from Main Street in Park City, you will find the winter playground of the town known as the Park City Mountain Resort. There is just a lot to do here from mountain biking to snowboarding, skiing, hot air balloon rides, horseback riding and even rock climbing. This particular resort has something in store for everyone no matter of what age. Kids and adults alike will enjoy their time here no matter what they interests are.

Downtown Park City

One of the major attractions in downtown Park City is the Phoenix Gallery. Located in a beautiful historic building, this particular venue offers you the opportunity to experience art in one of the most comfortable settings and relaxing environments in the region. The friendly consultants here are always willing to share valuable information with the visitors. For those vacationers who prefer to experience the cultural side of the town, the Egyptian Theater produces many musicals throughout the year, amongst other events. They are a must visit for any enthusiast, including the wide range of artwork displayed in the Kimball Art Center.

Another must visit shop here is the Burns Cowboy Shop, which is truly a unique one. Established in the year 1876, this store provides a number of things ranging from leather jackets to handbags, wallets and other clothing accessories.

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