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The small town of Park City is situated in the state of Utah. This particular town has a reputation that is completely different from the state that it is located in. Over the years the town of Park City has become the premier vacation destination in the United States of America. This town has a lot in store for everyone and no matter if you are a kid, teenager, an adult or a grown up you will have a wonderful time here. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to many that the town of Park City is amongst the wealthiest cities in the state of Utah, providing almost one third of the total income generated by this state.

Everything is available in this particular town from three major ski resorts to fine dining restaurants and even pet services. You will find many Park City pet services all over town that will help you find the perfect pet for you and your family. Friends of Animals Utah is an organization in this particular town that rescue different kinds of animals from shelters and provide homes for these animals. You can always check out their facility where you will find a wide variety of animals present. The Hank & Bullitt’s K9 Adventures is also the popular choice of many. This facility provides dogs as pets round the year. All the necessary equipment is also provided to people who take a dog from this place, like for example leashes and any other pet implement that visitors might need.

If you already have a pet and are in need of a clinic, then towards the east highway you will find the Thorn Creek Kennel. This particular place offers the best dog care with all the state of the art equipment, ensuring your dog all the necessary care that he deserves.

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