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The Sundance Film Festival is one of the leading film festivals of our time, which is held every year in the state of Utah. This particular film festival is without a doubt the biggest independent film festival in the United States of America. Held in the month of January every year in the town of Park City, the film festival is a platform for every American and international filmmaker to showcase his or her work to the people who truly care about the art. There are many competitive and non-competitive sections in the Sundance Film Festival and include a wide variety, ranging from documentaries to dramas etc. This particular film festival features both full-length movies and short films.

Sundance was started in the town of Salt Lake City in the year 1978 to attract more and more filmmakers and directors to the town of Utah. With time, it received much recognition and in just one years time the Sundance Institute was born. Due to much popularity over the years, the film festival was shifted to the town of Park City in 1981 and the date of the festival was changed from September to January of every year.

Winter Film Festival in Park City

The Sundance Film Festival has changed a lot over the years from small budget venues to a huge influx of Hollywood actors and artists. In the year 2010, the film festival faced even more changes. A completely new category was introduced in the festival this year titled NEXT. This particular programming category was made for extremely low-budget movies. The Sundance Film Festival U.S.A. was also introduced this year. With the addition of this new feature, eight different movies selected in this particular festival will be shown in eight different theaters all over the country.

In the Sundance Film Festival 2010 there were more than 9,000 submissions in various categories out of which only one hundred and eighty-six were selected to be a part of the festival. The town of Park City seemed a bit less crowded this year than usual, possibly because of the economic conditions of the country worsening day by day. However, that didn’t stop Park City into transforming from one of the major ski resorts to a film lovers paradise.

The Sundance Film Festival is known to be a platform that is far away from corporate Hollywood. Only true talent is showcased in this particular film festival in Park City, offering viewers a diverse experience and a wide variety of movies. Genres from animation, drama, comedy, short movies and even documentaries are showcased here. With renowned indie movies always jam-packed, it will come as no surprise if you didn’t get to witness such movies during the film festival. The movies shown in the Sundance Film Festival 2010 were symbolic to the changing times that we live in and featured a lot of innovation from filmmakers and directors, especially those working on a low budget.


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