Cycling in Park City Utah

Within the State of Utah you will find the small town of Park City. This place used to be a booming silver mining town, but over the years this particular town was completely revamped and changed into a ski resort. This marked the start of an incredible journey that made Park City one of the richest cities in the state. The town of Park City is without a doubt one of the favorite vacation destinations for many. There is just a lot to do here, and no matter which age group you belong to (either a kid, teenager or an adult), you will have the time of your life here. From adventurous activities such as mountain biking and rock climbing to amazing festivities and unforgettable beauty, this place surely has it all.

As winter wraps up and summertime is approaching, the snow starts to melt and the town of Park City is crowded with outdoor enthusiasts venturing out in the open and exploring more and more of the mountainous terrain. The town of Park City is surrounded by hills which offer more than one hundred and fifty miles of public trails, which are just what you need for a good afternoon biking session. Park City biking offers the most beautiful and charming views of the mountain ranges together with some of the most thrilling and exhilarating terrains that make the overall package worth experiencing.

Cycling in Park City Utah

The town of Park City has three major ski resorts, namely the Deer Valley resort, the Park City Mountain resort and the Canyons resort. Scattered all over these resorts, you will find several trails that will give you an idea of the Park City biking adventure. For example the Beaver Creek Trail which is located towards the west of Unita Mountains. This particular track is a fairly easy one, with not many hurdles coming along the way. So if you want a peaceful ride in the great outdoors during those summer afternoons, you just found yourself the right place.

The Deer Valley resort has certainly become one of the favorite places for cycling. This particular resort offers a lift service that takes you to the top of the mountainous ranges. Once you have reached the top, you can choose from the many trails taking you downhill. For extreme bikers who truly want to experience the thrill and adventure of Park City biking, the Holly’s Downhill is a must experience. You will be taken from the top of gondola all the way at the bottom of the mountain with a number of hurdles coming your way during the whole four miles of the trail.

There are several other trails present in the town of Park City including the Rail Trail, Mid Mountain Trail, Lake Side Trails, Steps Trail and many others. So gear up, get those bikes tuned by the shops near you, get out and have yourselves a wonderful summertime. Feel your one on one encounter with nature.

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