The town of Park City is located in the state of Utah and is just a few miles away from the Salt Lake International Airport. Park City is one of the major attractions of the state and is one of the favorite vacation destinations in the country. Every year millions of tourists and vacationers not only from all over the country but from all over the world come here to enjoy a carefree and a relaxing vacation.

There are a lot of activities you can take part in the town of Park City. With three major resorts, namely the Deer Valley Resort, the Canyons resort and the Park City Mountain Resort, this town certainly has a lot in store for everyone. From mountain biking to hiking, snowboarding and many other activities that can be done here.

A more popular choice here is golfing. The most popular, and in fact the biggest golf course present in the state of Utah is located in the town of Park City. The Park City Golf Course is fairly easy to understand and the area remains lively throughout summertime. This is a must visit for enthusiasts who like to play the sport or witness one of the most beautiful and breathtaking views of the mountainous terrain.

Golfing in Park City Utah

Park City is certainly home to one of the most attractive and fascinating golf courses present in the state of Utah. Apart from the famous Park City Golf Course there are many other options if you are willing to travel just a few miles away from the town of Park City. Golfers certainly enjoy the beautiful summertime weather while examining some of the most delightful terrains this little town of Utah has to offer.

Just a mile away from the heart of the town of Park City you will find the fantastic Park Meadows Country Club, home to the Park Meadows golf Course. This particular golf course is spread over six thousand yards of terrain. Another fantastic resort is the Glenwild Golf Club and Spa, home to the Glenwild golf course. This private golf course is spread over seven thousand yards and is situated almost six miles away from the center of the town.

The famous Promontory Club has two golf courses, each fully equipped with all the elements which would surely make your golfing experience a pleasant and an unforgettable one. One is the Dye Canyon golf course, which is spread over almost eight thousand yards of land. The other course is the Painted Valley golf course, which exceeds eight thousand yards. Both of the golf courses are for private use only and do not cater to any sorts of competitions or events.

There are many other golf courses present all over the town such as the Wasatch Mountain State Park Golf Course and the Soldier Hollow Golf Course amongst many others. Some of these award winning golf courses have been featured in many games and sports magazines as well.

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