Hiking & Trails

In the state of Utah there lies the town of Park City. Once a booming silver mining town, now this place is one of the major attractions in the United States of America. The town of Park City is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world and millions of tourists come to this particular town to enjoy a relaxing and carefree vacation. The town of Park City is located in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains and is home to three major ski resorts offering the best powder in the state of Utah. The winter play land of the town known as the Park City Mountain resort and the Deer Valley resort have been featured in a lot of games and sports magazines over the years. The town of Park City has a lot in store for everyone who comes here and it doesn’t matter if you plan a trip here during the winters or the summers; each season brings its own charm for all of this town’s visitors.

During the summers, as the snow melts away, the city is overcrowded with outdoor enthusiasts. Everywhere you go you would find bikers and hikers all over town enjoying the great outdoors. Venturing out and exploring the mountainous terrain during the pleasant summer afternoon is without a doubt an unforgettable experience. With Park City situated right at the heart of the Wasatch Mountains, the town is surrounded by hills featuring varied mountainous terrain perfect for hiking. So strap on a pair of boots and hit the outdoors and experience what Park City hiking is all about!

Park City Trails

With the three major ski resorts in the town of Park City, there are many trails present all over town that provide a good hiking experience. The Canyons especially provides some of the finest hiking trails in town with beautiful and breathtaking views. You can venture out in the open on your own or you have an option of signing up with the various tour guide services available all over town. What is particularly great about such services is that you get to receive a great deal of insight about the location and some amazing and interesting facts.

There are many hiking trails located all over town, for example the Nobletts Creek Log Hollow trail. This particular trail takes you through two different canyons moving through small streams and grassy meadows. The Row Bench trail is one of the best-kept secrets of the town with an excellent view of the surrounding areas example the Daniels Canyon.

The Unita Mountains are located just a few miles away from the town of Park City and is the perfect place if you want to experience pure wilderness. There are many landscapes throughout the trail with several lakes providing excellent fishing opportunities. The majority of the trails present here are easy to navigate through, although some aren’t recommended for newbies. Several other hiking trails include the Tokewanna Peak and the Kings Peak, to name a few.

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