Park City is one of the best cities for people to visit any item of the year. Not only does it include breathtaking viewpoints of the surrounding mountains, great things to do, and mouthwatering returns, but there are dozens of activities that you can do year-round that will truly take your breath away.

If you take a trip to Park City in the winter, you can take full advantage of the nearby slopes and the ski trails. Ski lovers and expert snowboarders will rejoice at the numerous paths and trails that literally lead right into the center of the town, providing a mecca for alpine athletes to hit the slopes, take the Park City Alpine Slide, and end the day right on the main street at one of the numerous restaurants or bars.

In the springtime, the snow begins to melt, and you can take your last few runs down the nearby slopes. Once the weather warms up, begin to hike and bike on the snowboard and ski paths, bringing out your mountain bike and hiking shoes to hit the dirt paths and check out the far-reaching views across the towering mountains.

Once the summer weather is here, you can hop in the lake, go swimming, try your luck at fishing, and spend time doing water sports in the heart of Park City. Plus, you can spend more time outside during the afternoon hours to get a tan on your face and go shopping in the bustling downtown area.

And, during the Fall, watch as the leaves change color on the trees, the weather begins to take a turn, and the first snowfall arrives.

Park City is beautiful at all times of the year, as you can see. That is why we think that you will love staying with us at one of our luxurious properties. Keep reading to see a few must-do things for your upcoming 2024 vacation in this bustling and exciting mountain town.

Grab Breakfast with Your Mates

First things first — it is time to have a filling breakfast. If you head here in the beginning of the new year, there might be snow still on the slopes for at least a few months. As a new alpine athlete, make sure you fuel up before hitting the Black Diamond ski runs or the snowboard bunny slope.

We recommend going to Five 5eeds in the center of town to try some of the creative American and modern plates. This down-home and family-owned restaurant is perfect for meeting locals, chatting with the owners, and eating tasty and organic food that comes out fast and hot.

Try the Banana Bread with Espresso Cream paired with your iced coffee or hot latte if you want something sweet to give you a morning kick. This tasty and melt-in-your-mouth bread comes with espresso mascarpone and buckwheat.

For those who want a savory dish, the bacon and egg breakfast sandwich topped with folded eggs, bacon, gruyere cheese, and chili jam is the ideal sandwich to give you a burst of energy. Or, for veg lovers, try the mushroom toast with whipped ricotta and maitake mushrooms.

Hit the Slopes

Once you are done noshing on the filling and nourishing breakfast, it is time to lace up your ski boots and head to Park City Mountain Resort. This is the top skiing and snowboarding destination in the entire state, offering over 7,000 acres of terrain, unique base areas, and multiple lifts and paths for you to take. Once you are done taking enough runs for the day, you can even ski or snowboard right into town!

Park City Mountain Resort offers a summit elevation of over 10,000 feet, providing you with one of the tallest viewpoints and summits in the entire state. You will start at a whopping elevation of nearly 7,000 feet and take the gondolas and lifts to the top of the summit to begin your descent towards the beautiful town down below.

Choose whichever trail and path works best for your ski level — the mountain resort offers seven terrain parks, 8% beginner trails, 42% intermediate paths, and 50% advanced terrain. Featuring over 330 trails, you can choose any combination of trails that make your adventure customizable and perfect for you and your group members.

Go Shopping for Souvenirs or Clothes

The last thing to include on your must-do list for your trip to Park City is to go shopping! Take a break from the great outdoors and head inside for a change to pick up some clothes, gifts, or souvenirs for your friends back at home. Check out the Collective Park City for boutique women’s clothing, Park City Souvenir Co. for handmade items and unique souvenirs, or nearby shopping malls for gifts.

You can also walk down the bustling and busy main street to find unique shops only available in Park City, like the Alpine Distilling bar, The Exchange, Bjorn Stova, The Market at Park City, and Dolly’s Bookstore.

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