Park City, UT, is one of the most famous places for those who enjoy outdoor activities, beer, wine, and good vibes! People flock here from all over the world to go hiking in the snow-capped mountains, ski in the beautiful resorts, sip on a fresh pint of ice-cold beer, and visit the nearby wineries. And one of the best times to visit Park City is in September. You will find fewer people, great weather, far-reaching views, and long days of sunshine that are conducive to being outside this holiday weekend.

Let’s check out some of the top things to do over a Park City Labor Day weekend for people with varying interests. There are once-a-year annual attractions that make the flight, drive, or short bus ride well worth it!

Murray Youth and Family Triathlon

If you want to get back into running, or you want to go on a nice jog with your kids, then the best way to start is by signing up for a family-friendly triathlon! You can get your kids into a fun and active sport by signing up for the Murray Youth and Family Triathlon in Park City on September 4th, 2023. This is a great way to kick off a fun Labor Day weekend in a healthy and wholesome way. Plus, you will have incredible views the entire time during your easy jog!

Snowbird Oktoberfest

The Snowbird’s Oktoberfest is one of the best reasons to come to Park City over Labor Day weekend! Of course, you can still take part in other outdoor activities and check out the cultural attractions — but what is better than having a huge stein of beer and celebrating with your pals?

Buy tickets for Oktoberfest at Snowbird to enjoy this family-friendly and exciting party that features German food, beer, outfits, decorations, and music. Throw on your lederhosen and hard to Park City to go dancing, buy some German wiener schnitzel, and sip on some German lager. Head here all day Saturday and Sunday to meet locals, chat with other tourists, and bring your kids to the family-friendly activities and games. We recommend getting here early on Saturday to listen to the Oktoberfest Halle Entertainment at 12 pm and the Alphones at the top of the Hidden Peak music at 3 pm.

Go Hiking!

Another fun activity for youth to do during your Labor Day weekend trip is to go hiking! What better way is there to burn off all that beer and have fun at the same time?

If you are in the mood for an easy trail that is good for views, seeing nature, and being close to Park City, we have a good choice. Check out the Bloods Lake and Lackawaxen Trail, which is just a 2.8-mile round-trip trail that soars 465 feet into the air. This out-and-back trial, or loop, is good for bringing picnic food, walking with your kids, or going swimming in Bloods Lake. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, then keep going past Bloods Lake and check out Lake Lackawaxen. You can bring your dogs to go for a swim here and enjoy the ice-cold water! Not to mention, you can reach both lakes by starting at Bloods Lake Trailhead, which is easy to get to by car or the free Transit to Trails shuttle service.

If you want a slightly more challenging hike that is good for a moderate trip, then the Silver Lake to Bald Mountain jaunt is ideal. This 4.7-mile out-and-back trail goes more than 1,400 feet above the ground, which lets you take in some of the best views in the entire area. You can also get here by taking free public transit from Silver Lake Village! Start at the bottom of the Silver Lake chairlift, and you will know that you have reached the top of Bald Mountain when you see the Heber Valley far below you!

Lastly, the Lofty Lakes Loop is a 4.4-mile trail that goes more than 960 feet in the air! We recommend doing this as an early morning hiking or running trail with your pup. This trail is super close to Park City and offers incredible views of the nearby Uintas mountains. You can get to the Pass Lake Trailhead just off Mirror Lake Highway, providing you with easy access for your Park City Labor Day weekend hike.

Brewery Hopping!

Finally, you can visit numerous breweries and bars in the Park City area. You are on vacation, after all! Celebrate the time spent with your friends or family by going to one of the local breweries to have a fresh pint of IPA or one of the nearby bars to play darts, chat with locals, and enjoy happy hour drink specials.

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