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There is no better place to spend your winter vacation than to come and take Park City bobsled rides anytime during the long winter months. Park City Resort area offers the best conditions for a number of winter games which bring so many thrills to all lovers of snow and winter activities. Coming to park City during winter is a sure ticket way to have a fun explosion because of the availability of so much activity in this one old vacation destination. Many would have thought that with the depletion of silver from the mines this was going to become a ghost town, but it has re-invented itself as a coveted winter vacation destination.

Once you get to Park City you can enquire about the availability of Bobsled teams that you can join in order for you to learn or even have maximum fun from it. The one favorite place for bobsleds in Park City is the Olympic Park in Park City Utah which was specifically built in 2002 in preparation for the Winter Olympic Games. At the end of the games, you can be sure that there was so many infrastructures that were left behind which is now open to all and sundry who want to enjoy rounds of Zipline, alpine slides as well as bobsled rides all year round.

Ultimate Bobsledding in Park City

Your desired bobsled ride happens on well-prepared winter tracks that are maintained to the highest standards where you can safely and comfortably experience 5G’s as well as speeds of close to 80 mph. at this speed, you will be dropping to an equivalent of 40 stories per minute which you can actually agree that it is a crazy wild ride. You will get the same experience as the Olympians because you will be starting your bobsled rides at the same point that they started and you will be riding the full ride of the track from the beginning to the end.

The cost of Bobsled rides at Park City is an average of $200 per person and the machine will take 3 passengers together with an experienced driver. There are age restrictions for anyone who intends to take a ride with 16 being the very minimum. The younger persons however need to have their parents’ signatures in order to be allowed on board one. Since bobsledding in Park City are so popular and you don’t want to miss a chance to overbooking, you are better off if you do some reservation well before you arrive.

You may also want to do some experimentation with speeds and ask yourself what is better between a bobsled and bobsleigh; all you will be looking for is speeds that thrill during the winter months. Regular admission to the Utah Olympic Park for all this fun is free of charge and you can take advantage to use the entire infrastructure that remained after the end of the 2002 Olympic Games. You will also take time to enjoy a tour of the Olympic Park as well as the Olympic Winter Games Museum.

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