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The Utah Olympic Park is located within the town of Park City. You can watch and even be a part of the many events held here throughout the season. Many international competitions are held here all year round. Apart from that, several training events are also conducted at the Utah Olympic Park including various sports, such as Nordic jumping, bobsled, luge and several other games.

Originally, the Utah Olympic Park was called the Utah Winter Sports Park and construction for this particular place started in the year 1991. In the beginning, only the ski jumping facilities were made available just two years after the project was started along with a splash pool facility. Soon after, in the year 1997 the skeleton, bobsled and the luge track were opened for the public. Soon after that, various upgrades and renovations were made to improve the facility, making it safer for visitors.

The main aim of this particular facility is to provide a platform through which various athletes could better their skills and develop them by taking part in various competitions and other programs. Over the years the Utah Olympic Park has been very successful in achieving its goals. This particular site has been selected for many competitions over the years, including the unforgettable 2002 winter Olympics and the World Luge Championship, which was held in the year 2005.

Olympic Park Events

The 2002 Winter Olympics was certainly one of the biggest Olympic Park Events welcoming more then three million people in just a matter of sixteen days. This particular area hosted the ski jumping, skeleton and luge, bobsled and Nordic jumping events. Nowadays, many tours are offered guiding visitors through the competition sites. The Utah Olympic Park is home to one of the highest ski jumps in the world, including the fastest and the best sliding track in the state of Utah.

The Utah Olympic Park is open throughout the year, except for a few holidays namely Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Day and also Christmas Day. Except for these holidays, visitors are allowed from 9 am to 5 pm on a daily basis. The tours are also offered daily on this venue from 10 am to 4 pm.

Located adjacent to the Canyons resort, the Utah Olympic Park also provides you a number of activities. Visitors can take part in alpine skiing, curling competitions, figure skating, ice hockey, freestyle skiing, speed skating, snowboarding, ski jumping and a number of other thrilling activities. This particular place also hosts a number of shows and events. For example, every Saturday a show featuring all the old and current Olympians is conducted performing various acrobats while up almost sixty feet in thin air. There is just a lot to do here and no matter if you are a teenager, an adult or even a grown up, you will certainly have a wonderful time here. The Utah Olympic Park is perfect for the whole family to come together and enjoy themselves.

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